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Our Service Is Still Available

Working Ways is available in line with government guidance on Covid-19, including over the phone and video call.


Getting started

We will arrange a meeting to introduce ourselves and talk more about our service. Your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach will be invited along to help.


Making Your Plan

Working Ways will allocate you a Key Worker. They will organise all of your support for you and be your point of contact. We will spend time getting to know you and your circumstances. From this we will make a plan of support.

Your Key Worker

All of our Key Workers are experts at helping people to start working. They will be knowledgeable, resourceful and empathetic. We hope that you will develop a great relationship with your Key Worker – they will always do their best for you.


Keeping in touch

We will be in touch with you every week. At these appointments we will review your progress and arrange all our support. We will do everything we can to keep you confident and motivated.


Complete support

Your support plan will include four key areas:

A – Health and wellbeing
This helps make sure a disability will not prevent you from working.

B – Skills and qualifications
This helps you check, develop or update skills for work.

C – Personal circumstances
This helps ensure your circumstances do not make working more difficult.

D – Employment
This makes sure we find the right job for you.


Covering costs

We will make sure using our service does not leave you out of pocket. We will help pay for the cost of transport, training and work clothing, where necessary.


Trying a work placement

When you are ready, we will help you try a work placement. The placement will be arranged with a reliable employer who will make sure work is accessible for you.

We will use your work placement to check your readiness for work and see if there is other support you need in the workplace.


Securing a job

Your work placement might develop into a permanent job role. Alternatively, we can help you apply for other suitable vacancies. We will be with your every step of the way during application process. We will make sure the job you achieve is right for you.


Lasting support

We will keep working with you, even after you have started working, to make sure you are comfortable and settled.

Your Employer
All employers who recruit Working Ways participants will receive comprehensive support to employ people with a disibility.

We help employers to make reasonable adjustments and understand how to best support people with a disibility. We will check in regularly to make sure both you and your employer are happy with your work arrangements.

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